314159u GCV Mall Real or Fake: Pi Network news

If you have heard about 314159u, you will think these are random numbers, not just numbers. We will discuss them thoroughly. 

314159u.com is an online marketplace allowing users to buy luxury items worldwide. 3.14159 is the value of a pi π. The transition method of this website depends on Pi coins. 314159u GCV Mall is an online marketplace with pi network usage. 

All about 314159u GCV Mall: 


314159u is a B2B and B2C marketplace allowing buyers and sellers to invest and trade for goods. 314159u GCV Mall is located in the heart of Beijing, the Capital of China. You can buy each and everything in a single place. Buying things physically or online from this mall is safe and easy. 314159u GCV has been a famous shopping point for a decade. Many buyers come there to shop for them, their family and friends from all over the world.

Origin of Pi π 314159U


Pi (314159u) is a mathematical constant that describes the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159 (an irrational number). It is represented by a Greek letter π. The vision of Pi Network is to make a decentralized economy that helps people and communities grow and fulfill their dreams.

What is a pi coin?


The Pi coin is a type of Chinese cryptocurrency launched as a project that allows users to mine this coin for free by downloading the Pi app on their mobile phones. Many users are using this app for free and mining these coins. There has been no exchange of pi till now, but still, its mining is free. One website that allows you to use this coin is 314159u.com.

Is 314159u Real or Fake?

314159u is an online crypto website that seems scamming because its owner doesn’t show his identity. There is no issue in revealing identity for anyone in an online marketplace. That’s why it looks suspicious.

This website gained popularity within a year. It has a large audience that is mining free Pi π coins. This website is not a scam because they have verified SSL, which shows that it’s a genuine website, not a fraud. This website has a good trust score, a sign of realness. The selling of Pi π coins has not been allowed till now. Its selling is illegal because these coins are not sold on any crypto marketplace. The Pi Network is future technology, not the present. This may or may not be launched in the future.

What is 314159u GCV?


GCV stands for Gross Calorific Value. It is represented in units of energy per unit of fuel. GCV is a concept about a currency that states that the selling of goods determines the currency’s value.

The formula of GCV is given below.


  • S is the circulation of pi in the whole network
  • P is the average price of goods
  • D is the demand of pi Network
  • I am the inflation rate


314159u GCV is an online marketplace of Pi distribution that enables merchants to buy and sell goods with Pi digital currency. It’s also a platform that distributes free Pi coins online through its official app, which is available on the Play Store.

You can download it and my free Pi coins, but there has yet to be an update on whether this platform is real or fake. From some point of view, it seems natural, and from others, it seems contrived, as I already discussed. There is still no update on when this coin will launch on the crypto platform. This is a future mining project. We can say nothing about it till now.


Is Pi Network safe to use?

It’s safe to use, and you can use it to get free Pi coins, but there is no surety that this coin will be listed.

Is 314159u registered?

314159u was registered as a website about one year and seven months ago. This registration is from China.

What does 314159u mean?

3.14159 is the value of a mathematical constant pi (π).

Is 314159u pi real or fake?

314159U may be natural or fake, as I have already discussed above. You can read about it.


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