Crip Mac Net Worth 2024

Crip Mac is 31 years old, also known as C-Mac, and is a Los Angeles, California-based rapper and internet personality. He acquired consideration for his music and social media entertainment presence, where he frequently examines his background and contribution to the Crips, an unmistakable road group in LA.

Crip Mac is well-known for his distinctive voice, unpretentious fashion sense, and unflinching portrayal of his life and community. His substance frequently incorporates conversations about group culture, road life, and his journey.

Crip Mac Wikipedia & Biography

Full Name Trevor Hurd
Nickname Crip Mac
C Mac
CMac Da Loc
Date of Birth February 20, 1993
Age 31 years old (as of 2024)
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Rapper
Internet Personality
Genres Hip-Hop
West Coast Hip-Hop
Years Active 2010s – Present
Notable Works “55th Street”
“Never Commit Suicide”
“Quit Playin”
Social Media Instagram (@cripmac_)
YouTube (@cmacdaloc)
Associated ActsVarious independent artists
Notable Events Gained viral attention for his unique style; he was featured on the No Jumper podcast.
Personal Life Known for his affiliations with the Crip gang, he spent time in prison, where he began writing songs.
Philanthropy Community engagement and charitable activities, including feeding people without homes in his community
Net Worth $1 million

Crip Mac Net Worth

Crip Mac Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Crip Mac’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. His earnings come from various sources, including music sales, streaming revenue, and his YouTube channel, which provides substantial ad revenue. Crip Mac, whose real name is Trevor Hurd, gained recognition for his raw and authentic music, with popular tracks like “55th Street” and “Never Commit Suicide”​.

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In addition to his music career, he has ventured into entrepreneurship with his clothing line, Rat Food Clothing, contributing to his overall income​​. Despite facing legal issues and controversies, Crip Mac has built a significant online presence, particularly on YouTube and Instagram, where he engages a large audience through his candid discussions and music content​​. His journey from the streets of Los Angeles to social media stardom highlights his resilience and ability to connect with fans.

Crip Mac Early Life

Crip Mac Early Life

Crip Mac, whose real name is Trevor Hurd, was born on February 20, 1993, in Los Angeles, California. Frequent moves and significant family changes marked his early life. His parents, Trevor Hurd Senior and Crystal Hurd separated when he was two years old. After spending a considerable part of his childhood in California, Crip Mac and his mother relocated to Texas before eventually moving back to California, settling in South Central Los Angeles.


Crip Mac attended Newman Elementary School in Chino Hills, though there is limited information about his further educational background.

Gang Affiliation and Early Struggles

At around the age of 23, Crip Macintosh joined the Crips gang on 55th Road in South Focal LA. His contribution to the pack prompted numerous detainments. During one of his jail sentences, he started composing tunes, directing his encounters and feelings into his music. Because it gave him time and motivation to improve his songwriting abilities, this time in prison was crucial to developing his career as a rapper.

Fame And Success

Crip Mac’s music career took off when he released songs that spoke to his fans because of how raw and honest they were about his life experiences. His unique and frequently humorous videos, which went viral on social media platforms, further propelled him into the public eye. His meeting on the No Jumper digital broadcast by Adam22 essentially supported his prominence, acquainting him with a more extensive crowd. Crip Mac’s rise to social media stardom from the streets of Los Angeles demonstrates his resilience and capacity to connect with his audience through his authentic storytelling and musical talent.

Crip Mac’s Career

Crip Mac's Career

Music Career

Crip Mac, whose real name is Trevor Hurd, began his music career following several incarcerations, where he used his experiences to inspire his songwriting. His raw and authentic storytelling style is vividly captured in tracks like “55th Street” and “Never Commit Suicide,” which highlight the harsh realities of life in South Central Los Angeles.

His candidness and unique persona gained him significant attention on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, where he shares his music and personal insights. Crip Mac’s music career is marked by a blend of gritty life narratives and an engaging online presence, making him a notable figure in the hip-hop community.

Debut and Early Releases

  • “Opp Goblin”: Released in 2021, this track marked the beginning of Crip Mac’s music career. It gained traction on various streaming platforms and helped establish his presence in the hip-hop community​.
  • “They Five Me (Deluxe Edition)”: His first album, released in 2022, further solidified his position as an emerging rapper. The album featured tracks that showcased his unique style and lyrical talent.


  • “55th Street”: This song became one of his most notable works, resonating with a broad audience due to its authentic depiction of life in South Central LA​.
  • “Never Commit Suicide” is another significant track that addresses serious issues with a raw and honest approach, further expanding his fanbase​.

Collaborations and Features

  • Crip Mac has collaborated with various independent artists, enhancing his visibility and reach within the hip-hop community. His collaborations often reflect his connections within the Los Angeles rap scene​.

Social Media and Online Presence

Crip Mac, whose real name is Trevor Hurd, has used social media platforms to connect with his audience and grow his music career. His rise to fame is primarily attributed to his presence on YouTube and Instagram.

Crip Mac uses social media to share personal experiences, promote his philanthropic endeavors, and promote positive community involvement—all of which extend his influence beyond his music. He has become a well-known figure on the internet due to his open approach and distinctive personality, significantly contributing to his overall popularity and success in the hip-hop community.


Crip Mac Youtube
  • With a mix of music videos, vlogs, and candid discussions, Crip Mac’s YouTube channel has around 304K subscribers. In addition to providing fans with a deeper understanding of his life and career, this channel also provides a significant revenue stream through sponsorships and advertisements.


Crip Mac Instagram
  • Crip Mac’s Instagram account (@cripmac_) has approximately 134 thousand followers. He often posts refreshes, in-the-background content, and intuitive stories, keeping areas of strength for his fans. He has been able to attract the media’s attention thanks to the genuine and engaging content he produces.

Notable Events and Media Appearances

Crip Mac’s unique style and personality have made him a notable figure not only in the music industry but also in popular media.

No Jumper Podcast

Crip Macintosh’s appearance on the No Jumper digital broadcast, facilitated by Adam 22, was a huge defining moment in his vocation. The meeting circulated in March 2021 and immediately became a web sensation, offering watchers an unfiltered look into his life.

With honesty, Crip Mac spoke candidly about his upbringing, gang affiliations, and musical journey, which resonated with a large audience. This openness assisted him in associating with new fans and setting his position in the local hip-jump area.

The No Jumper platform, well-known for its influence on hip-hop culture, was instrumental in raising his profile and broadening his audience, highlighting the significance of media appearances for new artists.

Viral Videos

Crip Mac’s rise to fame can be attributed in large part to the viral videos that showcase his distinct personality and genuine voice. Many enjoy his candid and frequently humorous videos because they provide an unfiltered look at his life and thoughts.

Crip Mac often talks about a variety of topics in these videos, such as his experiences growing up in South Central Los Angeles, his thoughts on current events, and personal anecdotes. One of his most outstanding viral minutes came from his meeting on the No Jumper digital recording, which gave a stage to his magnetic and clear disposition to sparkle.

Moreover, his Instagram and YouTube content, where he posts everything from daily existence updates to music recordings, has amassed a significant following, further supporting his internet-based presence and fan commitment.


Crip Mac, whose real name is Trevor Hurd, is well-known for his charitable efforts, particularly within his community, despite his rough persona and ties to gang life. He has donated his earnings to various philanthropic endeavors, mainly assisting the homeless and disadvantaged in South Central Los Angeles.

Crip Macintosh routinely gives food and fundamental supplies to those out of luck, showing a promise to reward his local area. Notwithstanding material help, Crip Macintosh advocates for youth schooling and peacefulness.

He uses his foundation to urge youngsters to remain in school and avoid pack contribution, frequently sharing messages of trust and strength. A profound sense of responsibility and concern for the community that shaped him are reflected in his efforts to bring about positive change.

Crip Mac Parents

Crip Macintosh, whose genuine name is Trevor Hurd, was brought into the world by Trevor Hurd Senior and Crystal Hurd. His parents’ separation when he was just two years old marked the beginning of significant changes in his family. As a result of this event, my childhood was marked by instability and frequent moves between Texas and California.

Mother: Crystal Hurd

Crystal Hurd played a central role in Crip Mac’s upbringing. After separating from Trevor Hurd Senior, she moved with young Trevor to Texas. Despite the challenges, she provided a supportive environment, eventually moving back to South Central Los Angeles, where Crip Mac would later join the Crips gang and begin his music career​ (Simply Who)​​ (Primes World)​.

Father: Trevor Hurd Senior

There is less publicly available information about Crip Mac’s father, Trevor Hurd Senior. The separation when Crip Mac was very young meant that much of his upbringing was primarily influenced by his mother, Crystal Hurd​ (Primes World)​.

Crip Mac’s early life, influenced by his parents’ separation and the subsequent moves, played a significant role in shaping his experiences and perspectives, which are vividly reflected in his music.

Crip Mac Wife

Crip Mac Wife And Girlfriends

Crip Mac, born Trevor Hurd, is known to keep much of his personal life private, including details about his romantic relationships. According to general information, he had not married yet. However, he has had some notable relationships that have been publicized.

Tanea Wallace (Mac Doll)

  • Crip Mac has been in a relationship with Tanea Wallace, also known as Mac Doll. Tanea is also the baby mama of rapper Snoopy Badazz. The couple has been spending time together in videos posted on Tanea’s Instagram and YouTube channels. Although their relationship has seen ups and downs, including a public breakup and subsequent reconciliation, they have decided to get back together again​​.


  • Lele Cakes: One of Crip Mac’s ex-girlfriends, Lele Cakes, was financially supported by him to help raise her children. Despite his efforts, their relationship did not work out. Lele Cakes later made a video attempting to expose Crip Mac, which garnered some attention online​.
  • Lupe: Another significant relationship was with Lupe, who was also involved with the Crips. Crip Mac proposed to Lupe in April 2022 during a yacht outing, but their engagement ended a few months later. Despite their breakup, Lupe remains a notable figure in his life due to their shared history and involvement in the same gang.

Why Crip Mac Spend Days In Prison?

Crip Mac Net Worth 2024

Crip Mac, whose real name is Trevor Hurd, has been convicted of several crimes and served time in prison for them. His alliance with the Crips gang on 55th Road in South Focal Los Angeles prompted various captures, including for gun ownership and robbery. He was detained in 2022 on suspicion of possessing a gun, and he served time before being released in May 2023.

Additionally, he was imprisoned for two years for bike theft. These encounters significantly influenced his music, giving unrefined substance to his tunes that mirror his battles and life in the city. Crip Mac was able to develop his songwriting skills while he was in prison, transforming his difficulties into powerful and genuine music.


Crip Mac, born Trevor Hurd, has carved out a significant place in the hip-hop community through his authentic and raw storytelling. His music, deeply rooted in his personal experiences with gang life and multiple incarcerations, resonates with many for its unfiltered look at the struggles of growing up in South Central Los Angeles. Songs like “55th Street” and “Never Commit Suicide” highlight his ability to turn adversity into compelling art.


What is Crip Mac’s real name? 

Crip Mac’s real name is Trevor Hurd​.

When was Crip Mac born? 

Crip Mac was born on February 20, 1993​.

Where is Crip Mac from? 

Crip Mac is from Los Angeles, California, specifically South Central Los Angeles​.

How did Crip Mac start his music career?

Crip Mac began his music career while in prison, where he started writing songs about his life experiences.

What are some of Crip Mac’s popular songs? 

Some of Crip Mac’s popular songs include “55th Street” and “Never Commit Suicide.

What is Trevor Hurd’s net worth? 

As of 2024, Crip Mac’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, earned through music sales, streaming revenue, social media earnings, and merchandise sales​.

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