Damon Johnson Net Worth 2024

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Who Is Damon Johnson?

Damon Johnson Net Worth 2024

Over the past few decades, Damon Johnson, an American guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, has significantly contributed to the rock and blues music scenes. Born on July 13, 1964, Johnson acquired unmistakable quality as the lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Brother Cane, which he formed in the mid-1990s. The band made standard progress with a few hit singles and collections, establishing Johnson as a striking figure in the exciting music industry.

Johnson went solo after Brother Cane broke up in 1998 and worked with several well-known bands and artists. In 2004, he contributed his skills as a guitarist and songwriter to Alice Cooper’s band. Johnson’s residency with Alice Cooper went on until 2011, during which time he visited widely and recorded various collections. 

In 2011, Johnson became a member of the iconic rock band Thin Lizzy, playing guitar and touring around the world. His inclusion with Slender Lizzy prompted the development of Dark Star Riders, a Slight Lizzy side project band, where Johnson proceeded to showcase his melodic ability.


Full Name Damon Rogers Johnson
Date of Birth July 13, 1964
Place of BirthMacon, Georgia, USA
Genres Rock
Instruments Guitar
Notable Bands Brother Cane
Alice Cooper
Thin Lizzy
Black Star Riders
Solo Career Released several solo albums, including “Release” and “Memoirs of an Uprising”
Major Collaborations Sammy Hagar
Faith Hill
Skid Row
Stevie Nicks
Essential Albums Brother Cane (1993)
Seeds (1995)
Welshpool (1998) with Brother Cane
solo albums include Release (2010) and Memoirs of an Uprising (2019)
Career Highlights Formed Brother Cane (1990s), joined Alice Cooper’s band (2004-2011), played with Thin Lizzy (2011-2013), co-founded Black Star Riders (2013)
Significant Achievements 3 #1 hits on mainstream rock radio with Brother Cane, extensive touring with Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy, featured in various music documentaries and concerts
Net Worth Estimated between $4 million to $5 million as of 2024​ 
The family Married to Lynda Johnson, and they have three children:
1- Jolene Lucinda Johnson
2- Sarah Marlo Johnson
3- NA
Social Media Presence Active on Instagram (5,471 followers) and Twitter (10.1k followers)

Damon Johnson’s Net Worth

Damon Johnson’s estimated net worth in 2024 ranges from $4 million to $5 million. Johnson is an American guitarist, performer, and lyricist who has had a productive career in the music business. He is most popular as the lead performer and guitarist of the rock band Brother Cane, which made critical progress during the 1990s. Johnson has also performed with well-known bands like Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper, and Black Star Riders. 

Johnson’s professional includes:

  • Forming Brother Cane.
  • Joining Alice Cooper’s band during the 2000s.
  • Playing with Meager Lizzy from 2011 to 2013.

His performance profession and coordinated efforts with specialists have added to his riches. Album sales, royalties, performances on stage, and television appearances are additional sources of his income.

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Damon Johnson’s Early Life and Career

Damon Johnson

Early Life

Damon Johnson was born in Macon, Georgia, on July 13, 1964. He spent his childhood in Birmingham, Alabama, where a diverse musical community surrounded him. His initial interest in music drove him to get the guitar very early on, vigorously impacted by rock and blues.

During his secondary school years, Johnson played in a nearby Split the Dim group, which won the 1986 MTV “Cellar Tapes” rivalry, earning local respect. This early achievement set up his future vocation in the music business, ultimately prompting the arrangement of Sibling Stick during the 1990s and joint efforts with prominent artisans like Alice Cooper and Dainty Lizzy.


Johnson joined several local bands in the Southeastern United States in the middle of the 1980s, and this was the turning point in his professional music career. One of his initial groups, Split the Dull, won the 1986 MTV “Basement Tapes” rivalry, earning territorial respect despite not getting a record bargain. Johnson’s career took a significant turn thanks to this victory, which brought him into the public eye and opened up opportunities for the future. 

In 1990, Johnson shaped the rock band Brother Cane, which immediately acquired prevalence. In 1993, the band released its self-titled debut album after signing with Virgin Records. Brother Cane’s success continued with subsequent albums like “Seeds” (1995) and “Wishpool” (1998), both of which featured hit singles and were praised by critics.

Breakthrough and Collaborations

The band’s accomplishments hardened Johnson’s standing as a gifted musician. After Brother Cane disbanded in 1998, Johnson left on a performance vocation and worked together with various high-profile artists. He joined Alice Cooper’s band in 2004 and contributed significantly to live performances and studio recordings due to his versatility as a guitarist. As he performed with other legendary bands like Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders, Johnson’s career continued to grow. He collaborated with artists like Faith Hill, Santana, Sammy Hagar, and others due to his adaptability to various musical styles.

Damon Johnson Lynyrd Skynyrd

Damon Johnson Lynyrd Skynyrd

Damon Johnson briefly joined Lynyrd Skynyrd in 2021 to replace Gary Rossington, the band’s guitarist, who needed emergency heart surgery. Johnson’s broad involvement in other notable rock bands, such as Alice Cooper and Slim Lizzy, made him a reasonable choice for this job.

His versatility and capacity to effortlessly adapt to various musical genres were made clear during his time with Lynyrd Skynyrd. His reputation as a talented and adaptable guitarist who can handle high-pressure situations and deliver exceptional performances grew during this time.

Damon Johnson DDS

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Damon Johnson Wife

Damon Johnson Wife

Damon Johnson is married to Lynda Johnson. The couple offers an affectionate daily life loaded with affection and satisfaction. Jolene Lucinda Johnson was born on August 20, 2008, and Sarah Marlo Johnson and another child are their three children together. Johnson strongly emphasizes his family despite his busy music career, frequently expressing his deep affection for his wife and children. His devotion to his family is evident both on and off the stage, as he offsets his expert responsibilities with his job as a caring spouse and father.

Name Relation Date of Birth Age (as of 2024)
Lynda JohnsonWifeNot publicly available Not publicly available
Jolene Lucinda JohnsonDaughter August 20, 200815 years old
Sarah Marlo Johnson DaughterNot publicly available Not publicly available
Third Child (Name not available)SonNot publicly available Not publicly available

Social Media Presence

Damon Johnson maintains an active presence on social media, engaging with fans and sharing insights into his musical journey. Here are the details of his social media platforms:

Platform Link FollowersContent
Instagram @damonjohnson 6,964Photos from live performances, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and personal life updates.
Twitter @DamonJOfficial 9,911Updates on tours, new music releases, interactions with fans, and industry insights.
Facebook Damon Johnson25,000Event announcements, music videos, fan interactions, and personal reflections.
YouTube Damon Johnson1,780Music videos, live performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content.


Damon Johnson, brought into the world on July 13, 1964, in Macon, Georgia, is an eminent American guitarist, singer, and lyricist. He acquired unmistakable quality in the mid-1990s as the lead vocalist and guitarist of Sibling Stick, a musical gang known for a few hit singles and collections.

After Sibling Stick disbanded in 1998, Johnson sought a performance vocation and teamed up with notorious artisans and groups, including Alice Cooper, Slender Lizzy, and Dark Star Riders. His versatility permitted him to work with stars like Sammy Hagar, Confidence Slope, and Santana.

In 2021, he momentarily joined Lynyrd Skynyrd. Johnson is well-known as an Edmond, Oklahoma, dentist and has a music career. His total assets are assessed between $4 million and $5 million starting around 2024. He is married to Lynda Johnson and has three kids.


What is Damon Johnson’s net worth? 

His net worth is $4-5 Million as of 2024.

What is Damon Johnson’s Age?

He is 57 years old as of 2024.

What is Damon Johnson’s role in the dental field?

Damon Johnson is a well-known dentist in Edmond, Oklahoma, leading Damon R. Johnson DDS Dental Excellence​​.

Who is Damon Johnson’s family? 

Damon Johnson is married to Lynda Johnson. They have three children: Jolene Lucinda Johnson, Sarah Marlo Johnson, and another child whose name is not publicly available​.

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