Sally McNeil Net Worth 2024 and Achievements

Sally McNeil was born on September 30, 1960, in Allentown, Pennsylvania (America). She is a former bodybuilder in America. Sally McNeil is now a fitness model, fitness teacher, and entrepreneur but a convicted killer.

Sally McNeil is commonly known as killer Sally McNeil because she killed her Husband Ray McNeil, a Mr. Olympia competitor, and was sentenced lifetime, but she received remission in 2020.

Sally McNeil, Early Life and Education:

Sally McNeil Net worth

Sally McNeil was born Sally Dempsey in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She had a tough time during her early time. Her father’s name was Richard Dale Dempsey, and he was a raging alcoholic. He frequently abused and beat her mother. Sally’s mother remarried when she was three years old. According to her documentary, she has two step-sisters, Judy and Jill.

Sally McNeil attended Dieruff High School in Allentown. She was an active student from the start and had a keen interest in swimming, diving, and the track field. After his early education, she joined Stroudsburg State College (Now given the status of University), intending to become a gym teacher.

What is Sally McNeil Net Worth in 2024?

Sally McNeil estimated Net Worth is around $800 thousand as of 2024. She earned most of his wealth from his bodybuilding career. She was keen to be a gym teacher, and she achieved. 

What is Sally McNeil’s Annual Net Worth?

Sally McNeil kids

The estimated annual net Worth of Sally McNeil is about $20,000 from only wrestling exercises. She earned most of his money by making wrestling videos known as muscle worship, where they had to fight with male bodybuilders who would pay them.

Her Husband played an essential role in his entire life. Her bodybuilder husband and fellow Ray McNeil were the primary sources of his earnings. She spends $24,000 on buying steroids for her Husband, Ray McNeil.

Sally McNeil Wiki:

Full NameSally McNeil
NicknameKiller Sally
Killer McNeil
Date of birthSeptember 30, 1960
Age in 202464 Years
Zodiac signLibra
Current HomeNorthern California
Height5 feet 4 inches
Hair colorBlonde
Marital statusMarried
HusbandsAnatony Lowden (divorced)
Ray McNeil (Sally McNeil killed him)
Norfleet Stewart
Husband NowNorfleet Stewart
Sally McNeil KidsThree
From Anatony LowdenTwo Children
From Ray McNeilOne Child (Name Unknown)
Sally McNeil SonJohn
Sally McNeil DaughterShantina
Netflix Documentary NameKiller Sally
Net Worth in 2024$800 Thousand
College/universityStroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Official accounts:

Who is Sally McNeil’s Husband?

Sally McNeil Net worth

She married and divorced from first Husband. She killed her second Husband due to some issues that we’ll discuss below. Now, she is in a relationship with their Husband.

First Husband NameAnatony Lowden
Second Husband NameRay McNeil
Third Husband NameNorfleet Stewart

Anatony Lowden

Sally McNeil met his first Husband on Paris Island, named Anatony Lowden. They married and remained in a relationship for four years. They had two children named Shantina (Daughter) and John (Son), and the third child is from her second Husband. 

She filed for divorce from Anatony Lowden as she was transferred to Camp Pendleton and won custody of her two children.

Ray McNeil

Sally McNeil Net worth

During her service at Camp Pendleton, she joined bodybuilding, where she met with Ray McNeil in June 1987, who was a competitor bodybuilder. They dated each other for three months before marriage. Ray began abusing Sally and her two children once Ray punched her. 

After his discharge from the military, she began a career by wrestling men on video for $300 per hour. 

Norfleet Stewart

Norfleet Stewart is her third Husband. They got married in November 2020 after her release from jail. She met with him through her Veterans Transition Center support group. Now, she is in a relationship with Norfleet Stewart.

Why Sally McNeil sentence?

Sally’s Husband Ray was dating a woman and decided to leave Sally for her. They planned to spend Valentine’s Day in 1995 with another woman. She warned him about shooting in their house. Earlier at night, Ray was on a date with another woman named Marianne Myers, who was also a member of Gold Gym. Sally went out to find his Husband at night and caught him with another woman.

On February 14, she said, “I just shot my husband because he just beat me up.”  

She said that she was just defending herself, and that’s why she shot him in the face and stomach.

  • McNeil was arrested in 1990 for using a firearm and smashing a window of a vehicle with a metal bar.
  • Once, in a bar, a man who was dancing on a table was full of alcohol. Sally kicked her three times in the face for misbehaving with her.
  • Sally also attacked Ray’s lover at a bodybuilding show, that’s why the national physique community suspended him for one year.

Bodybuilding Awards:

1988US Armed Forces Championship 1st
1991Junior USA5th
1991Palm Spring Classic4th
1992Junior USA2nd
1992North America Championships9th
1992USA Championship5th
1994North America Championships6th
1994USA Championship5th

Sally McNeil Viral on Netflix:

After her release from jail in 2020, her life story was filmed on Netflix as documentaries in three parts. The name of the documentary is Killer Sally. This is a true-crime documentary. Sally McNeil performed this character and was paid for her excellent job.

Sally McNeil Kids:

Sally McNeil has three kids, two from his Husband Anatony Lowden and one from Ray McNeil.

Sally McNeil’s son’s name is John, and her daughter’s is Shantina. The third kid’s name is unknown; he is from Ray McNeil.

Where is Sally McNeil Now?

Sally McNeil now

After his release from jail in November 2020, she married Norfleet Stewart. She met with him through her Veterans Transition Center support group. Now, she is in a relationship with Norfleet Stewart.


Sally McNeil’s net Worth in 2024 is estimated at $800 thousand. She is a self-made lady who polished herself with her effort in her bodybuilding career. She served in the military and in many gyms as a teacher. The primary source of her income was bodybuilding teachers and wrestling videos. 


What is Sally McNeil’s religion?

Her religion is Christian.

Is Sally McNeil using social media accounts?

Sally McNeil is not fully active on social media. Some of her accounts are working.

Who is Sally McNeil’s Husband now?

Her Husband’s name is Norfleet Stewart he was in a marital relationship with her.

Who was Sally’s Prosecutor?

Her prosecutor’s name is Dan Goldstein.

Why did Sally McNeil kill her Husband?

On February 14, she said, “I just shot my husband because he just beat me up.”

Is Sally McNeil married?

Yes, she is a married woman.

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