Who is Eric Weinberger Wife? Love, career, early life, and achievements

Introduction of Eric Weinberger:

Eric Weinberger is a famous name in the entertainment industry, a Sports media executive, Producer, and strategic operator. He completed his bachelor’s degree in English from Union College. Eric Weinberger is a Media executive specializing in content monetizing, storytelling, launching new businesses, and live production on any program.

He has 20+ years of media experience, making him superior to other executives and producers. He remains an NFL Network executive producer and Fox Sports’s senior Producer.

In this article, we will discuss his life, wife, children, career, achievements, and awards. 

Who is Eric Weinberger Wife?

Eric Weinberger Wife

The name of Eric Weinberger’s Wife is Crystal Weinberger. She was born in Los Angeles (USA) in 1975. They are two sisters. Her younger sister’s name is Amy. Her parents were school teachers. She was interested in entertainment, writing, and photography from the start. During his college life, she worked part-time in an entertainment firm. She was also interested in TV and movies. 

She interviewed actors and directors as she was reporting for school papers. Weinberger’s family lived in the suburban area of LA. Crystal’s parents were school teachers, so they always tried to encourage Crystal in education, but she had a keen interest in photography, entertainment, int, and reviewing people.

Does Eric Weinberger’s Wife have any children?

Eric Weinberger Wife

We have collected information from Eric Weinberger’s official website, and it is clear that they have four children who are still in the education phase.

Eric Weinberger and Crystal met at the premiere party of a movie launched in 2004. These days, he started a TV production. From that exclusive party day, they fall in love. They remained dating each other for two years. Finally, Eric Weinberger proposed to Crystal during their trip to Hawaii.

Is Sabra Ricci also Eric Weinberger’s wife?

In 2021, more news broke out about a relationship between actress Sabra Ricci and Eric Weinberger. Still, Crystal was not worried because she trusted her husband and knew that it was their work to travel with actors and actresses. Crystal also knows that Eric is very cooperative with everyone, and his behavior with every actress is friendly, so she is unworried.

Career and Achievements of Crystal:

There are the following achievements that she achieved during his career.

  • Crystal worked in Rogers’s Public Relations firm after his graduation. She managed a PR campaign there and got the award.
  • She was a specialist in launching market campaigns. Many series that Crystal managed remained super hits.
  • She always remains supportive of her husband. She played an essential role in his successful journey.
  • She was passionate about his work. “Riding Solo” was one of the most famous films that got Oscar’s attention. 

Career and Achievements of Eric Weinberger:

Eric Weinberger Wife

Eric Weinberger is a famous name in the entertainment industry, a sports media executive, Producer, and strategic operator. His working way is stunning. Most of his production remains super hit. He got many awards during his journey.

Some awards are mentioned below.

  • He got a Shorty Industry Award in 2015 for best integration with live television.
  • He got the Sports Emmy award in 2014 for sports programming short format.
  • He got a Sports Emmy award in 2013 for short features.
  • He got another sports Emmy award in 2013 for promotional announcement.

Eric Weinberger’s Wife’s Net Worth and Lifestyle:

  • Eric Weinberger is a millionaire Hollywood producer. His wife is also getting six-digit income from his website and advertising. This couple has multiple co-own things.
  • They have a luxury house worth about $5 million in Los Angeles with a home theater, pool, and tennis court. She is financially stable, but still, she is working to help her husband. 
  • Eric Weinberger has a private jet to reach the production set. 
  • Crystal wears couture gowns that the top designer designed.
  • Crystal enjoys fashion designer dresses and drives a Tesla SUV gifted by her husband.

What is Eric Weinberger’s work experience?

Eric Weinberger Wife

Eric Weinberger worked with many firms and gained much popularity from his work. Now, he is working on his production, Eric Weinberger Production.

Eric Weinberger production:

Eric Weinberger’s production was launched by Eric Weinberger in 2018. It is a media executive and production company. Over the last 12 months, they got partnerships with sports and entertainment companies, including LiveXLive. Eric Weinberger production servers entertainment companies that produce live events and monetize live content.

NFL Network:

Weinberger Joined NFL Network in 2003 as a coordinating Producer for creating night show records. In 2006, he was promoted to FL Network’s fifteenth executive producer by network president and CEO “Steve Bornstein.”

NFL team had 20 employees in 2003 but increased to more than 500 by 2015, and the budget for production increased from 10 million dollars to 150 million dollars.

Fox Sports:

Before joining NFL Network, he was a senior Producer at Fox Sports. Best Damn Sports Show Period that was launched from July 2001 to May 2003. At this show, he created and produced a two-hour night show. 

The Ringer and HBO:

After his journey from NFL and Fox, he became the president of the digital community Bill Simmons Media Group. He became executive Producer at HBO in November 2015. 

Weinberger also remains an executive producer for the Game of Thrones. 


“Eric Weinberger is an undeniable visionary thinker and production executive. He has the ability to create a dynamic & diverse work environment that includes diverging personalities & opinions. He has the innate ability to transform something strong into something superb. In the 13 years that we worked side by side, Eric was the kind of leader that is part coach, part manager and part mentor. He strongly believes in empowering others & creating opportunities for growth. Building the NFL Network from the ground up was an incredible accomplishment, and was no doubt due to his passion, innovative thinking, fearless leadership & entrepreneurial spirit.”


(VP, Coordinating Director – NFL)

“Eric Weinberger is without a doubt one of the finest producers and executives in the business of television. He combines creative talent, meticulous planning and comprehensive experience with a unique management style that inspires achievement, teamwork and fairness across all areas of any project he is involved in. I always feel so fortunate to work with him.”


(Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director)

“I’ve known and worked with Eric Weinberger for more than 20 years. He is one of the true leaders in sports media. Eric is an outstanding Executive and Executive Producer. His command of content and the business of monetizing that content is deep. Few professionals have as much experience applying that knowledge to linear and digital platforms. In so many ways Eric has been at the forefront of sports media.”


(Media Executive)

Social Media Profiles:

Social Media ProfilesLinks
Official websiteericweinberger.co
IMDB nm1116659
Official website ericweinberger.co

Final words:

Eric Weinberger has significantly succeeded in his Hollywood career as a TV producer. Eric Weinberger’s wife, Crystal, also helped him throughout his journey.

Their love, cooperation, and support for each other is their real success because money cannot buy everything, but love can make space.


Where did Eric Weinberger’s wife and Eric Weinberger meet?

They meet at a premier party of a film in 2004. From where they fell in love with Eric, Weinberger proposed to Crystal after two years (2006).

Did Eric Weinberger’s wife have any children?

Yes, they have four children, as reported on their official website.

Is Eric Weinberger still in a relationship with Crystal?

Yes, there are in relationships and leading a happy life.

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