Shannon Klingman Net Worth, Age, and Biography


As of 2024, Shannon Klingman’s net worth is estimated at $100 million. She is a doctor, investor, entrepreneur, cook and advocate for human rights. She got her obstetrician/gynecologist physician degree from Wayne State University of Medical Science in 1997. She is serving humanity and saving lives.

She is the founder of Lume deodorant. Dr Klingman is the CEO of the investment and real estate company Klingman Group. Lume kills bacteria from your skin and prevents you from the foul odor of sweat from your whole body. It is usable for both men and women.

Who is Dr Shannon Klingman?

Dr Shannon Klingman

Dr. Shannon Klingman is a gynecologist. She is the founder of Lume Deodorant. She has spent more than 25 years in her field. Not only that, but she is most famous for her entrepreneurship, investment, and Lume.

Furthermore, she is also known as Lume Lady.

How old is Shannon Klingman?

She was born in February 1970. As of 2024, she is 54 years old. By looking at her fresh face, you’ll never believe that she is 54 years old.

Is Dr Shannon Klingman married?

Dr Shannon Klingman married Evan Griffiths. They have four children, and they are leading a lovely life.

Dr Shannon Klingman Wikipedia:

NameShannon Klingman
Net Worth $100 Million (Estimated)
Date of birth 1970
Age 54 years
Height 5 feet 7 inches 
Place of Birth Minnesota 
Country America
Current Residence Carver, Chaska
Religion Christian 
Profession Gynecologist
Husband Evan Griffiths

Dr. Shannon Klingman early life and career:

Shannon Klingman Net Worth

Shannon Klingman was an intelligent student from the start. She has a passion for serving humanity. After completing her biochemistry bachelor of science, she enrolled in medical gynecology to serve women at the Wayne State University of Medical Science. She has a passionate love for human service. She is a regular face that you can see on social media and television related to women’s health.

  • She started her career as a Gynaecologist Physician to serve humanity.
  • He also launched her brand, Lume Deodorant. They launched products that help women keep themselves fresh and safe from every disease.
  • She is a mastermind woman who launched her entrepreneurship.
  • She always focuses on women’s health. Her role is like a women’s advocate.
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Dr Shannon Klingman accounts:

Business Accounts:

WebsiteLume Deodorant
TikTokLume Deodorant
FacebookLume Deodorant
InstagramLume Deodorant
YouTubeLume Deodorant
PinterestLume Deodorant
TwitteLume Deodorant

Personal Accounts:

WebsiteLume Deodorant
LinkedInShannon Klingman
FacebookShannon Klingman
TikTokShannon Klingman
InstagramShannon Klingman

Shannon Klingman on Shark Tank, what does it mean?

 Shannon Klingman on Shark Tank

“Local physician hopes for a shot on shark tank.”

  • It means that a local physician has to swim with sharks so that they can provide investment for product and business growth. 
  • Shark Tank is an ABC TV show that Shannon Klingman likes the most. She made a good appearance on the 9th season of Shake Tank.
  • She used this word because she was looking for investors at the start of her work for products such as Lume deodorant.

  • Lume is a natural deodorant that solves odor problems for women.

  • “It took a gynecologist to try and solve odor concerns below the waist,” Klingman said. “And it works great for both men and women. And then, in clinically testing it, we discovered it’s also an outstanding odor control product for your underarms.”

What is “Shark Tank?”

Shark Tank is a business-themed series that is a big celebration of entrepreneurship in America. This series was premiered on ABC News as Shark Tank on August 9, 2009. This reality show that has become a series has earned $8 Billion in sales in the tank.

How did Dr. Shannon Klingman form Lume?

 Dr. Shannon Klingman

She first formulated a hypothesis about this feminine odor and saw the bacterial reactions taking place on our skin. Then, she worked on different formulas to understand the chemistry behind it. After hard work and collaboration work with other cosmetics, she formed a mixture known as Lume Deodorant.

This product can be used on any part of the skin. This prevents you from having a feminine odor for at least 48 hours. This product revolutionized the whole industry and proved the best odor control for a new generation.

From whom was Dr. Shannon Klingman inspired?

She was inspired by her mother, who was a labor and delivery nurse. That’s why she loves to perform surgery, deliver babies, and build relationships with patient and their families so that the cure will be easy and comfortable. Her main aim is to keep the patient satisfied.

How did Shannon Klingman gain experience in her field?

Shannon Klingman

After completing her Medical school journey, she practiced in a private practice center in the Detroit Area and then settled in Minneapolis to live close to her family. She was a medical expert for the ABC News Affiliate in Minneapolis. As a founder of Lume, she has never been so excited that she feels proud to help her patients. 

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Shannon Klingman is a real doctor, entrepreneur, investor, and women’s rights advocate. She has made her name by working hard. She is a self-made lady who has proved herself to be an entrepreneur. Her net worth is 100 Million USD. She is a real inspiration for newbies to keep business a priority and Polish every fault. 


What is the age of Dr Shannon Klingman?

She is 54 years old as of 2024.

What is the height of Dr Shannon Klingman?

Her height is 5 feet 7 inches.

Is Shannon Klingman a real doctor?

Yes, she is a real doctor. She is a Gynecologist Physician who serves women with their personal issues. She is also an investor and entrepreneur.

Is Dr Shannon Klingman married?

Yes, she is married and has four children.

Is Dr Shannon Klingman the founder of Lume deodorant?

Yes, she is the founder and CEO of lume deodorant.

Why did Dr. Shannon Klingman select gynecology as a career option?

She was interested in women’s health from the start. She has a keen interest in serving humanity and has selected gynecology for the future.

Does Lume is approved by a gynecologist?

Yes, it’s Gynecologist approved company.

Is Shannon Klingman still the owner of Lume?

No, she sold the lume deodorant company to Andy Mayfield, the founder of Harry’s.

How much revenue is Lume Deodorant generating?

The estimated revenue of lume deodorant is about $15 million. If the success rate remains the same, it will be 200-300 Million dollars in the coming years.

How can we buy lume?

You can buy lume online on their official website.

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